Like any other Resorts on lake Bunyonyi, its easy to access our hostel to. 

From Kampala to Kabale

If you are travelling from Kampala, first get to the bus park.

There are many bus companies traveling to Kabale town “South Western Uganda”. 

It takes 7-10hrs and we recommend Jaguar and Gateway buses. It’s better to start from 8:00am or 9:00am from Kampala. Price ranges from 30,000UGX -70,000UGX depending on the season.

bus stop at Kampala
Bus park at Kampala
Arrive at Kabale, Western Uganda

Kabale to Rutinda boat landing

Once you arrive to Kabale, there are two options to get to Rutinda boat landing on Lake Bunyonyi. 

A special hire taxi costs 30,000 UGX to 50,000 UGX, depending on the time. Motor boda-boda is 7,000 UGX to 12,000UGX, also depending on the time. 

boda guys
Boda (Average cost for Boda is around 7,000-12,000ugx).

From Rutinda, Lake Bunyonyi to OM Hostel

Once you arrive at Rutinda boat landing at Lake Bunyonyi, there are many motor boats that know our hostel, price ranges are between 15,000-30,000 UGX.

Also depending on the time, we recommend that you ask us to assist you on affordable transport from Kabale to our hostel. Day time transport is cheaper and prices increase at night. Take note of that.

If you feel like you want to enjoy a slow ride on the lake, we will arrange for you a free dugout canoe ride to OM hostel. It takes you 40-50min to arrive.


Arrived OM by free dugout canoe!
group guest
by speed boat

Driving by yourself?

We recommend you to follow the route from where ever you will be to Rutinda boat landing on Lake Bunyonyi and then take a boat. 

We will help you get where to park your car safely and get you a boat or dugout canoe to OM.

trip by car
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