Batwa / Pygmies Trek

Batwa / Pygmies Trek

This trek is intended to uplift Batwa, commonly known as Pygmies, standards of living. These people are the most marginalized group in Uganda and have, for instance , still have no land rights. With this tour we want to show tourists from around the world how Batwa are living today and support their cause. The tour also includes transport by car to the Echuya forest.


Village of Batua Pygmy



– Car driver to Echuya forest

– Trekking through the forest where the Batwa used to live, with local guide

– Local bar experience

– Light snack

– Experience the people and entertainment


Note that: with your own car, prices reduces. Inquiry from us. Thanks



Five people or more 40 USD per person

Four people 50 USD per person

Three people 60 USD per person

Two people 100 USD per person

One person 150 USD


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