Batwa / Pygmies Trek Bunyonyi

Batwa / Pygmies Trek Bunyonyi


This trek is intended to uplift Batwa, commonly known as Pygmies, standards of living. These people are the most marginalized group in Uganda and have, for instance , still have no land rights. With this tour we want to show tourists from around the world how Batwa are living today and support their cause. The tour also includes a boat cruise towards the Batwa community and back.



group guest



– Boat cruise 

– Trekking through hills to visit  the Batwa community with local guide

– Local bar experience

– Local lunch at local family.

– chatting with the Batwa

– shooting experience with bows and arrows.

– Experience the people and entertainment


Note that this tour will make you meet Batwa community on face to face conversation. Cultural exchange and so on.

Tour takes 3-4hrs.



Five people or more 30 USD per person

Four people 40 USD per person

Three people 45 USD per person

Two people 50 USD per person

One person 100 USD


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